About CrossFit ISCA.

Crossfit ISCA was born when a community of members came together with Dan (Our Head Coach) and Chloe to ensure a home for our training as the previous gym had to close with the owner moving away.

The walls you see were painted by the CrossFit ISCA community. The rig and equipment you use, built by the CrossFit ISCA members. We are proud to say that CrossFit ISCA was built from a community that was nearly dying due to the previous CrossFit gym closing.

All this is why CrossFit ISCA is so much more than just Exeter’s only 24/7 CrossFit gym providing group training, 1-2-1 personal training, CrossFit programming and open gym in Marsh Barton, Exeter.

We make fitness accessible to all

We wanted to build something new that was going to continue to transform the lives of so many. We wanted to make CrossFit ISCA inclusive to ALL age ranges, background and fitness levels. We wanted to make CrossFIT ISCA even more of a family.

Meet Dan, Head Coach & co owner of CrossFit ISCA

I was a professional rugby player from the age of 18, playing most of my career in the English Championship but also in the top tier of England in Premiership rugby.

As my career wound down, I fell into CrossFit on return from injury. Breaking and dislocating my leg and ankle and having a full ankle reconstruction, I was experimenting with ways to keep fit as I returned from the injury. CrossFit allowed me to adapt workouts to fit around my injury and there was always so much to try and improve. I was overwhelmed by how supportive the community was both near and far. I enjoyed it so much, that I played 3 rugby games on return from injury before retiring to pursue CrossFit further.

I began coaching and immediately found a content feeling I’d never found through rugby. Whilst I still compete at CrossFit and want to push myself to be the best athlete I can be, opening my own CrossFit gym was always about others. Helping people reach their goals, helping challenge people and bringing smiles to faces brings me a happiness I could never have dreamt of.

CrossFit changed my life and brought me the best things in my life. It’s taught me many lessons, and shown me with hard work, things that seemed impossible, really are possible. Maybe it could you too?

Meet Chloe, Head of Marketing & co owner of CrossFit ISCA

Having experienced disordered eating and exercise obsession previously, I found CrossFit due to my marketing career. I regularly created content for CrossFit and fitness brands and found myself slowly becoming a little bit interested in it.

I was definitely in the camp of ‘that’s way too hard’ or ‘I just don’t get it’ – why would people want to put themselves through that? But I gave one of the CrossFit partner workouts ago one Saturday, and well, I haven’t looked back since.

CrossFit has completely changed my attitude towards exercise. Leaving behind calorie burning obsessed HIIT workouts and low carb diets to the love of getting stronger and fuelling my workouts, properly. CrossFit is so empowering and really helped me transform my relationship with myself and my body as well as exercise and diet.

You’ll mostly find me on social media, taking photos and in the 7:15 am Crossfit class – can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Cat Della, Coach.

CrossFit ISCA

CrossFit enthusiast, her relentless yet empathetic style who’s body image and mindset was transformed by CrossFit.

Originally from Lancashire and has served in the Royal Navy for the last 13 years with the last six as a Physical Training Instructor. Cat is a Level 2 CrossFit coach, a Strength and Conditioning coach, an Olympic Weightlifting coach and a Level 3 Personal Trainer and has developed a passion to help people change their mindset when it comes to fitness, their bodies and their physical capabilities.

Meet Jake Pearson, Coach.

CrossFit ISCA

Jake (JP) Pearson is a serving Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, he has always been invested in the fitness industry with over 14 years experience both in and out of the marines. Instructing people to be functional and perform at their best has been a big passion of his, working with new recruits and people he has coached outside of work who have the desire to get fitter and stronger.

Meet Katie Topley, Coach.

CrossFit ISCA

Katie works for a local charity as a fitness instructor/PT working with a wide range of people from teenagers to older adults. Specialising in working with those with chronic health conditions and disabilities. With qualifications, BSc(Hons) Exercise and Sport Science, Level 3 PT, Level 3 Exercise Referral & Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor plus Katie is a huge advocate for women lifting weights. Her first experience of CrossFit was a Saturday partner WOD and she’s been hooked ever since.

Meet Emily Trout, Coach.

CrossFit ISCA

Emily has come from a swimming background and a genuine love for health and fitness. However could never make any sport stick until finding my place in CrossFit. ⁠Now she looks to help people find the same passion.⁠ Whether that’s unleashing their own athletic potential or simply becoming fitter, stronger version of themselves.⁠ Her coaching strengths lie in gymnastics and olympic lifting. She has a good eye for technique and is a strong believer in quality of movement to build solid foundations.

These coaches plus the people around you in every session will make sure that you have a great time and achieve your fitness goals.